Details for March Meeting

The Clifton

Hello All!

The next SSH meeting will be at 8:00pm on Thursday the 21st of March. The meeting will be held at the Clifton Pub, Clifton Street, Old Town, Swindon, SN1 3PY.

There’s plenty on the Agenda. We’ll be recapping from last meeting to start. So far new business includes a response to Cllr Wayne Crabbe’s campaign for NHS funded alternative medicine, planning for the Swindon Literature Festival (at which we will be presenting a talk by A.C.Grayling), Funding, Positive Equalities Action, some stuff on religious education in Swindon and the possibility of setting up a book group!

To see the full Agenda, check the Meetings tab at the top of the page.

Be well all!

(edit- as we’ll have Cllr Dave Wood in, there may be a bit more discussion on religious education and SACRE in Swindon than hinted above)