SACRE and RE in Swindon Schools Update

Hello All!

Nikki and I (Fred) met up with Cllr Dave Wood last week to have a chat about how to start campaigning and making changes to various institutions in our town. One of the topics that came up was the issue of not having a non-believer on the Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education in Swindon.

We devised a plan of action- Cllr Dave Wood is going to make a request to consider taking a non-believer into the council. He will also let the Swindon Advertiser know that it will be discussed.

What he would like from us however is a short dossier explaining why we want what we want, who we are, and what it is exactly that we want! This is so that the SACRE members can have a little information from us readily available when discussing the topic. To that end it would be great if everyone with a strong opinion on this matter could chip in either on the comment section here, via the facebook page or twitter so that when compiling this document I’m not just putting my views down!

Looking forward to some fun ideas!

Be well.