Andrew Copson: Objections to Humanism

“Objections to Humanism”
Andrew Copson, CEO of the British Humanist Association
7:30pm Monday 27th January at The Victora, 88 Victoria Road, SN1 3BD


We are very pleased and proud to announce that the CEO of the British Humanist Association, Andrew Copson, will be visiting Swindon on Monday 27th January to give a talk on Objections to Humanism:

“Objections to Humanism: Humanism comes in for a lot of criticism from a number of different angles. Some see it is an immoral approach to life, some as nihilistic. By examining a few of the most common objections to Humanism we learn more about them, to what extent they are fair, and how to counter them. We also learn more about Humanism.”

The talk will cover points with headings such as:

  • It diminishes the dignity of humanity.
  • Humanists can have no morals.
  • It isn’t the way to explain everything.
  • The pointlessness of it all or Nihilism.

I (Belinda) have already had the privilege of being present at this talk and my opinion is that it is informative and lighthearted. Andrew approaches a number of objections and analyses them from a humanistic perspective. He points out at the start of the talk that our own awareness of the objections to humanism can help us to counter any objections should we hear them. He also mentions that it is somewhat an obligation to be self-critical of our own world view.

The event will be held at The Victoria, Old Town, Swindon on Monday 27th January from 7.30pm. We advise arriving before 7.00.

A suggested donation will be communicated at a later date but there is of course, no obligation.

Both Swindon Humanists and the BHA are very grateful for any donations received of course. We could not host these events without the generosity of our members and supporters.

A link to the Facebook Event for this is here: Objections to Humanism. Please feel free to share this link as much as you like and indeed click “join” if you think you’d like to come along and have a listen.

Please let us know of your attendance in the comments, or by emailing us using the form below so that we can keep track of numbers. Many thanks.

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