Our first speaker event review!


On Monday January 27th Andrew Copson, the chief executive of the British Humanist Association very kindly travelled to Swindon to give his Objections to Humanism talk at The Victoria in Old Town. While the number who attended was a little less than I was hoping for, it was really good to see our regular members and some new faces there (some from the local Philosophical society following our panel discussion the previous week, look out for a post on that soon).

I’d seen Andrew give this talk once before and I remember it really motivated me to get more involved with humanism at the time and it had the same effect again, I think mainly because it’s an excellent reminder of what humanism is and why the most common objections you hear to it are very simply dealt with. I won’t list them here now, but I’m sure many will be familiar with comments along these lines – humanism is reductionist, it can’t explain love, it can’t give a foundation for morality – etc, etc. Andrew explains very clearly how these claims are false in this engaging and entertaining talk. And manages to crowbar in the best John Wayne joke you’re likely to hear!

The other great thing Andrew does is happily answer any and all questions after the talk, of which there were many from the audience on faith schools, humanism in other countries, Coronation Street(!) and other issues.

So our thanks go to Andrew for his time and efforts, to The Vic for kindly letting us use their space, and to everyone who attended! If you did attend and enjoyed it, we’d love to see you at our future events (which we are planning now !)  – and tell your friends about us!