March meeting – Thursday 20th, 7.30pm – “Collision” documentary film

Long term members will know that our very first group meeting was Dec 15th 2012 which was the first anniversary of the death of Christopher Hitchens, one of the most vocal atheists of recent times. So I’m really pleased that for this month’s meeting we’ll be watching the documentary film “Collision” which shows Hitch at his best – in fierce debate with Pastor Douglas Wilson as they travelled around the US promoting a book of their online correspondence where they debated the question “Is Christianity good for the world?”

As well as getting to see both of these formidable intellects trading arguments the movie gives an interesting look behind the scenes.

The meeting is at the Wheatsheaf Ale House Swindon 32 Newport Street, SN1 3DP Swindon at 7.30pm.

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Hope to see you there!