November talk: Dr. Alexandra da Souza – From Brain Structure to Behaviour. Friday 13th November

Swindon Humanists and Swindon Philosophical Society are very pleased to welcome Dr. Alexandra da Souza from Bath Spa University to speak for us on the subject of brain structure and function.

The more we study crows, the more we recognise how clever they are. The birds show similar levels of intelligence to primates, especially in key areas like rule following, and yet their brain structure is completely different. What can this tell us about how brains evolved?
Brain size has increased 3-4 fold in the human lineage.   Why are humans such big-brained apes?  What do the fossil and archeological records reveal about the emergence of the human brain and behaviour?   Is brain size tied to brain function?  Or, are differences in brain structure related to the functional demands of species-specific behaviours? 


Dr Alexandra A. de Sousa is as expert in human evolutionary neuroscience.  She is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology at Bath Spa University and is also a visiting researcher at the University of Bath. She is interested in the biological basis of behaviour in general and the origin of the human mind in particular.  Dr. de Sousa is committed to diverse interdisciplinary approaches to her topic, which led her to found the European Network for Brain Evolution Research, and is involved in public outreach through Brain Evolution in the News. Her research also applies evolutionary theory to understanding contemporary human-environmental interactions.
Friday 13th November, 7.40pm – Friend’s Meeting House, Eastcott Hill, Swindon, SN1 3JF
Hope to see you there!