Faith schools not cutting the mustard

Ofsted, the schools watchdog, have concluded that independent faith schools ‘have considerably weaker inspection outcomes’ than those without a religious character.

Ofsted found 40% of non-association independent faith schools – schools that are not members of an association affiliated to the Independent Schools Council and are therefore inspected by Ofsted rather than the Independent Schools Inspectorate – received a grade of ‘inadequate’ (20%) or ‘requires improvement’ (20%) at their last inspection. This compares to just 20% for schools without a religious character (13% ‘requires improvement’ and 7% ‘inadequate’).

There is a benefit for pupils from all different backgrounds educated together in a shared environment, rather than separated according to the religious beliefs of their parents. As a consequence, Humanists UK continue to challenge faith schools’ admissions, employment and curriculum policies, as well as the privileged processes by which new faith schools continue to open.

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