Naming Ceremonies

Welcoming a new person into your family is a joyous occasion. With a Humanist Naming Ceremony you can give your newly born child their name, express the hopes and dreams you have for an adopted child or even make a promise of care and love for a new step-child. Humanist Ceremonies allow you to create the ceremony you want, with the meaning that you want. 


Below are a list of Non-Religious and Humanist Celebrants who are able to perform non-religious Naming Ceremonies for you and your children within the wider Swindon area. They will work with you to create the celebration of your choosing free from religious confines. If none of the below contacts are suitable then why not try the British Humanist Association’s Naming Ceremony Celebrant Finder by clicking here.

Jacqui Dickenson
“I offer ceremonies for people who wish to take a different route from the standard religious format. My very simple philosophy on life is that it is the love of human beings for each other which forms the basis of our society, and I believe that everybody should be treated equally and with fairness.”
To see Jacqui’s online profile, click here.

Hannah Hart
“What I enjoy most about this work is that since every couple or family I work with is unique, so every ceremony is unique.  I love working with people to help create a ceremony that reflects who they really are and what’s important to them. I enjoy the creative challenge of working through various ideas and piecing together the different parts of a ceremony.”
To see Hannah’s BHA profile, click here.

Philippa Howell
“I have long believed that people should be free to celebrate the important occasions in their lives without religion…  I encourage people to include their families and friends in contributing their skills, such as reading poetry and making music, to make their ceremony particularly personal and memorable.
To see Philippa’s BHA profile, click here.