Recommended reading list

These days there are countless books available that deal with atheism, religion, philosophy, popular science and other topics that any humanist might have an interest in (including of course, humanism!), but rather than restrict our recommended reading list to those areas, we asked our members for their favourite book of any sort, to get an idea of what humanists might enjoy reading outside of those subjects. We also tweeted a few well know people in the humanist/atheist/skeptic field to get their (current!) picks. As it can be very hard just to pick one, there is also a section full of other choices. Please let us know what your favourite book or books are, by e-mail, our Facebook page or Twitter.

Each book choice has a link to the Amazon page for that book and, as we are an Amazon associate, we get a small contribution every time one is bought, so make sure you click those links if you choose to get any of these great reads.

First of all, here’s a book by our patron Lord Joel Joffe: The State Vs. Nelson Mandela: The Trial That Changed South Africa, which simply has to be the first book we recommend you to read!



Swindon Humanists members and Facebook page favourites: