Wedding Ceremonies

weddingsA wedding is a great way for two people very much in love to make a commitment to each other and celebrate with their families and wider community. A Humanist wedding is exactly that but without any religious affiliation- the couple can make the promises they want to make, and celebrate any way they want! A Humanist celebrant can officiate at a wedding, working with the happy couple to create their ceremony.

Below is a list of non-religious wedding Celebrants who will work with you to create your wedding. If none of the celebrants listed are suitable, you can try searching using the British Humanist Association’s Wedding Celebrant Finder by clicking here.

Jenna Catley-Richardson
Being a life-long humanist and an old-fashioned romantic, becoming a Wedding Celebrant is a dream come true for me. It really is an honour and privilege to guide and support you as together we turn vision into reality. I will help you to think outside the box to achieve a unique, heartfelt and deeply personal celebration of marriage.
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Jacqui Dickenson
“I offer ceremonies for people who wish to take a different route from the standard religious format. When my husband and I married in 1979 our only option was a Register Office, which was businesslike but hardly celebratory!  How I wish we could have had a Humanist ceremony as well!”
Phone: 01993 708311   Mobile: 07753 571731
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Hannah Hart
“What I enjoy most about this work is that since every couple or family I work with is unique, so every ceremony is unique.  I love working with people to help create a ceremony that reflects who they really are and what’s important to them. I enjoy the creative challenge of working through various ideas and piecing together the different parts of a ceremony.”
Phone: 01242 516083   Mobile: 07914 613522
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Philippa Howell
“I have long believed that people should be free to celebrate the important occasions in their lives without religion…  I encourage people to include their families and friends in contributing their skills, such as reading poetry and making music, to make their ceremony particularly personal and memorable.”
Phone: 01242 583680   Mobile: 07564 521516
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Pamela Woodford
“Humanist weddings are increasing in number each year. They are popular with people who have no religious affiliations, but who want to enter into a publicly committed marital relationship. I feel it is an honour to be part of such a joyous occasion.”
Phone: 01225 862995   Mobile: 07807 905936
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